11 Examples of Whiteboard Animations Done Right

Whether introducing a product or service, providing information, or just for fun, Whiteboard animations have been used for a number of different purposes. They’re a fantastic medium with which to provide your customers the information they need via a fun, entertaining source. Here are 11 great examples of Whiteboard animations done right.


DC Homebuzz

This short animation has crisp narration, crystal-clear animations, and a professionally written script that shows exactly how much work into its production. The target audience is very clear: a group of homebuyers who will appreciate the quality of the animation.



When you think of security compliance protocols for payment card compliance, fun isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, Ultracomm’s animation is so well-made that it keeps the viewer engaged without delving too deeply into the technical side of the industry.


Adobe Echo Sign

Adobe’s known for the steep learning curve associated with many of its products. Echosign is no different, but this Whiteboard animation explains how to use the basic functions of the program without the need to read through hundreds of pages of instructional material.


The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This 10-minute video is much longer than many other Whiteboard animations, but it delves into the highly scientific topic of motivation. The script sets this animation apart from others; it’s entertaining and informative, but leaves the viewer asking themselves thought-provoking questions.


Elevations Credit Union

Homeowners everywhere know the pain of rising energy costs, and this whiteboard animation from Elevations Credit Union conveys information on the topic in a fun, brief way.



There are a few elements that constitute a great animated video: a killer script, fun graphics, and a short time period. Comnio hits all three of these in their short, color video.


Where Good Ideas Come From — Riverhead Books

Some creators struggle to produce longer animations that hold a viewer’s attention. This animation by Steven Johnson is a great example of how to do exactly that in an effective way; it explains how to cultivate your mind to produce great ideas on a consistent basis.


Pad Mapper

Moving is a hassle, but Pad Mapper seeks to make the process easier. Their animation is brief and entertaining, demonstrating how a brand-new business can use animations to gain a foothold in an existing market and spread the word about their services.


Kitchen Sink Web Labs

When a video’s script and animations line up, it packs a powerful punch. Kitchen Sink Web Labs does just that in a short time, sending out a sales pitch that’s sure to win converts.


Born to Learn

The sheer success of this animation is proof of how well-made it is; with more than 500,000 views, many people have taken time out of their day to enjoy it. The message is simple, explaining how the mind works and how we absorb information over time.


BPP Business School

While many animations remain a bit basic, BPP Business School takes theirs to the next level with moving animations and a bit more flair than normal. It holds the viewer’s attention without becoming overly dramatic.

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