5 Awesome Case Studies On Video Marketing

Since its introduction, video marketing has made it abundantly clear that it’s here to stay. Few other forms of marketing are as effective at capturing the attention of viewers and conveying information in the same time span — and because of this efficacy, video marketers have begun to produce works of higher and higher quality.

If your company hasn’t grabbed onto the wagon yet, it may be time to do so. There are numerous services available for producing marketing videos if you lack the skills to do it yourself. No other tool will allow you to grow your brand and spread the word about your services in the same way.

Look at a few of the case studies below to see how video marketing has helped the companies that did it right.


Invisible Children: Kony 2012 Video

Intent: To raise awareness of the conflict in Uganda.
Result: More than 100 million views on Youtube and more than $26 million raised via donations.

Although the video inspired a huge amount of controversy, Kony 2012 brought more awareness than ever before to the conflicts in Uganda and other parts of Africa. The video played on viewer’s emotions, highlighting the struggles of the child soldiers in a way that remained interesting and respectful of the seriousness of their situations. The video became — and remains — one of the most watched, shared, and talked-about videos ever created. It also earned more than $26 million in donations for the charities that help to fight the abduction of children in the area.



Intent: To educate viewers about the product.
Result: More than 900,000 views per month from 2011 to 2012.

Before Dropbox became the household name it is today, it was just a startup struggling to stay afloat. The company employed video marketing to spread the word about their services, educating potential customers through a video on the homepage. Although the video is no longer there, it garnered nearly one million views per month for roughly two years, explaining in simple terms how the product worked and how individuals and businesses could benefit from it.


Fisher Price

Intent: To increase awareness of the brand.
Result: Almost 2 million YouTube views.

Although Fisher Price is a rather well-known brand, they wanted to further increase brand awareness. Their video left viewers feeling warm and fuzzy — and no doubt inspired a few misty eyes — by featuring new moms in differing stages of the labor process. These mothers left wishes for their new-borns on New Year’s Day. The video was a runaway success, garnering not only attention online, but also in the media. As a result, it’s been seen more than 2 million times to date.


Dollar Shave Club

Intent: To raise brand awareness.
Result: More than 12,000 orders within two days of launch.

Dollar Shave Club is well-known among men today due to the ease with which they can get new razors delivered straight to their door. However, men’s grooming is a highly competitive niche, and it takes a bit of innovation to become number one. In 2012, Dollar Shave Club launched their edgy and slightly inappropriate “Our Razors are F*cking Great” campaign. It was met with so much acclaim that the company received more than 12,000 orders within two days of launching the video. Since that time, more than 19 million people have seen the video.


Crazy Egg

Intent: To educate viewers about the product.
Result: Massively improved conversion rates and $21K monthly revenue gain.

Website analytics are less exciting than drying paint for the average joe, but mean everything to those who make a living online. Crazy Egg understood this and launched their video to explain the rather boring mechanics of analytics in a way that was engaging and demonstrated the benefits of using their service. The video was a smash hit, increasing conversions by 67% and increasing revenue by more than $21,000 per month.

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