5 Ways to Use An Animated Explainer Video to Educate Customers

With all the hard work that it takes to land a new customer, it takes even more effort to retain them. Educating the customer about your product or service is key in keeping them happy and satisfied for the long haul.

Animated explainer videos are a proven way to educate your client and ensure that they retain the information you worked so hard to put together. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate explainer videos into your customer education toolbox.

Product Demonstrations

Explainer videos are a great way to show customers how your product or service works. This doesn’t need to be a detailed training video, but a short production to highlight the benefits and demonstrate how one would use the service in general. Demonstration videos are typically 60-90 seconds, as anything longer would fall into a different category. Subsequently, demo videos can also serve as marketing material.

Service Types

Customers also need to know about the various types of services that you offer, and how they all differ from one another. These videos can serve to educate the customer so that they’re knowledgeable about which product or service best applies to their needs. Service type videos are typically no longer than 60 seconds, and each video should highlight an individual area.

Technical Videos

When you have a highly technical product or service, explainer videos are highly effective for teaching customers how to utilize them. Technical videos are more in depth than product demonstrations, and are often 1-3 minutes long. The good thing about using animations for these types of videos is that you can incorporate charts and other special effects that give additional information without adding to the length of the production.

Training Videos

Training videos are quite different from product demonstrations. They are in depth productions that give viewers a microscopic view of the area that you’re covering. In terms of products and services, animated training videos can cover both from different aspects. The main thing to remember with these is that you should only cover one topic per video. You don’t want to add too much information, otherwise you’ll lose the benefit of educating the customer in bite size chunks, and risk losing the detail needed to cover each area thoroughly.

Snippet Tutorials

These types of videos are short, 15-20 second snapshot productions that highlight a certain function of your product for service. For example, if you were selling accounting software, a snippet tutorial could focus on how to add a new client to the program. In the service industry, these productions can be used to highlight specific services within a service. For example, a cleaning agency could use a snippet video to show customers the organic floor care products they use, or the kitchen appliances they cover in each home or office visit.

Getting Started Videos

Depending on the level of difficulty of your product or service, you may need to create a short animated explainer video to show customers what to do after they sign up. Even if you offer a simple service, this is an effective way to on-board new clients and ensure that they get started on the right track. This type of video is typically 60-90 seconds long, and covers basic tasks like setting up an account, or maneuvering around a dashboard screen.

Studies have shown that video holds a viewer’s attention much longer than text, and customers remember what they learn when watching a well put together production. Educating your customers on how to utilize your products and services helps retain them longer, and shows that you’re genuinely invested in their positive experience with your business.

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