8 Video Marketing Examples To Draw Inspiration From

It’s estimated that people spend an average of four to five hours per day watching television, and it’s these tendency towards video that marketers hope to take advantage of. Video marketing is a highly effective tool, whether it is live action or animated. Here are a few examples of highly-effective, well-produced video marketing that you can glean ideas from.


Walker Weir Property Management

Walker Weir targets real estate investors, rather than those looking to buy their first home. It clearly demonstrates how their service can be beneficial to those looking to make an investment. The friendly voice of the narrator puts the viewer at ease and encourages them to listen to what is being said. It’s a great example of video marketing.


Stockworth Realty Group Million Dollar Homes

Selling higher-priced homes can be an obstacle, but Stockworth Realty does a fantastic job of it with their video. Featuring a multi-million dollar home, the video engages potential buyers and then draws their attention towards often-overlooked properties in a subtle way.


Olympus Medical and Dental Management

Rather than targeting consumers, Olympus Medical and Dental Management offers a more B2B services that helps doctors manage their financial departments. The video highlights the company’s strengths and how they differ from the competition, making it an effective sales technique without the overblown strategies so often seen in this type of video.


Smart RX Systems

Despite the amount of confusion surrounding healthcare, many companies overlook the potential benefits of video marketing. However, Smart RX Systems uses a video that’s just under two minutes to demonstrate how they stand out from the competition. The animation is colorful, unique, and captures the viewer’s attention in a way few other videos can.


Visterra Credit Union

Do you know the difference between an ATM and an ITM? Visterra does, and they want to show everyone. This animation is a great way to answer commonly asked questions. Consider mimicking this strategy by implementing a video to answer the most commonly asked questions in your business. It can free up your time in a way that’s entertaining for the viewer.


Whitehorse City Council

City council meetings are a lot like jury duty; no one attends unless they have to. However, Whitehorse took a new approach to this by creating a video that showcases the event and helps to build buzz and excitement. The video is short, but prepares viewers for city council meetings that may take a bit of an interesting turn.


Wendy’s Micro Content

Videos don’t need to be long to generate excitement. In some cases, a well-made, very short video can be more effective than a longer one. Wendy’s takes advantage of this to generate interest in their spicy flavors. The video has only been available since April of 2015, but has received more than 800,000 views in that time.


Easter Seals

Serious issues are often handled with kid gloves. However, Easter Seals takes a fun, lighthearted approach to a major issue that entertains and informs without showing any disrespect to the subject matter. It’s a great example of how to use joy to fight sadness.

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