Top 10 Explainer Video Production Companies

When you’re ready to give the green light on your explainer video project, you want to make sure that you choose the right company. Now, we know that our team is more than equipped to handle your production needs, but to be honest, we also have some pretty talented competitors. Here’s our list of the top 10 explainer video production companies to choose from (just in case we happen to pack up and move to Mars, you’ll have some good options).


#1. Animations World


Of course we are a bit biased here, taking the top spot and all, but we are just that confident in our abilities to produce killer videos. Our creative team is super talented, and dedicated to delivering exceptional productions that clients are more than happy to showcase.

We pay close attention to detail, and every script and animation is triple checked against a rigid set of quality standards. Here’s a cool video that we produced for Paramount Studios. Got a project you want to discuss? Click here.


#2. Firestarter Video


Firestarter Video is an excellent  production house based out of Hollywood, California. They have produced several explainer video’s for top companies including Magicjack and United Healthcare (UHC). Their work is known throughout the industry, and the creative team is just awesome. Here’s a neat little number that shows off their explainer video skills.


#3. Yum Yum Video


Argentina based Yum Yum Video is number three on our list because of their high quality productions, and impressive portfolio. They have produced explainer videos for companies covering all facets of business, and the work is crisp and effective. Yum Yum also features a helpful blog for anyone looking for information on video marketing in general. This explainer video is a shining example of their fine work.


#4. Bread n’ Beyond


Bread n Beyond has produced explainer videos for top companies including Paypal and Glass Door. Their work is beyond impressive, and they have the clientele to back up their credibility. With over 1,900 productions under their belt, it’s safe to say that clients are in good hands with this company. Here’s a sample of what you get with Bread n’ Beyond.


#5. Big Drop


New York based Big Drop Inc. produces stunning explainer videos. The company has an extensive portfolio that includes several animated and non-animated explainer videos (and a killer website for clients to browse.) This short number is a prime example of just how well they produce whiteboard explainer videos. from on Vimeo.


#6. Demo Duck


Demo Duck is an awesome video production house with plenty of social proof to back them up. With big names like Netflix, Lowe’s, and Capital One on their client roster, it’s more than safe to say that they’re at the top of their game in this business. Based in Chicago, the company employs a highly gifted team that prides themselves in creating “hand crafted” explainer videos. Here’s one of their masterpieces.


#7. Explainify


Explainify is a solid company with excellent credentials. They have worked with several large businesses including Tyson and GE, and their productions are definitely top notch. Explainify is the kind of company that you can feel confident in knowing that your project is being handled with care. This explainer video shows just how professional and talented their team is.


#8. Switch Video


Switch Video has a very talented in-house team and a serious portfolio. Their client roster includes companies like LinkedIn and HP, and Switch produces video in a variety of different styles. The Canadian based production house is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and has definitely carved themselves a fair share of the explainer video production marketplace. Here’s an awesome piece that they created.


#9. Media Whale


Located in Sarasota Florida, Media Whale is a talented production agency with several explainer video’s under their belt. Their work is crisp and engaging, and it’s easy to see how they have become one of the top agencies in the business. Here’s an example of their high quality work, in this informative video produced for TurboTax.

Turbotax Explainer Video from Media Whale on Vimeo.


#10. Cartoon Media


Cartoon Media is a production agency that prides itself in creating non “cookie cutter” type explainer videos for their clients. They work with customers in all facets of business, including some well known companies like Siemens and Cargill. Headquartered in the UK, Cartoon Media works with clients around the globe. Here’s one of their engaging explainer videos.


So there you have it, our top ten list of explainer video production companies. There were plenty of other agencies that could have made the list, but in terms of sheer quality, cost and social proof, these represent the best of the best.

Keep an eye out for our next list, and if you would like your agency to be featured, drop us a line and we’ll check out your work.

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