How to Make Your Whiteboard Explainer Video Stand Out

Whiteboard animations are all over the internet, and with the surge in DIY video software, the competition is steep. Many businesses now have quirky productions that show off their products and services, and entice viewers to buy. So, how do you compete with your video when it seems like the web is so saturated with them?

Custom Graphics

You can’t be different from the competition if you’re using the same old graphics as everyone else. People remember what they see, and with many of the DIY video software programs, the same images are regurgitated for customer use. This may be fine if you just want to play around with the software, but you need professional images that are unique to your business if you want to stand out from the crowd. The sad part is that many so called “explainer video production houses” often use this same software, and customers don’t realize that they’re getting something that could have done themselves.

Add Some Humor

Explainer videos should capture your attention and be memorable. Nothing does that like a bit of humor. You don’t have to make it a comedy piece, but getting people to laugh here and there makes a big difference when it comes time to remember you. Businesses that connect with their viewers on this level see much more engagement that those who produce explainer videos that simply state what they do, and how to sign up.

Unique Point of View

Creating a whiteboard explainer video script involves much more than writing a sales script and slapping up a few images here and there. When your goal is to land a new customer and stand out, you need to approach the viewer from a unique point of view. For example, let’s say your company sells custom Italian suits for men. Instead of just highlighting how a custom suit would fit better than one straight off the rack, approach the customer from a different point of view. Show how a custom suit better displays your personality because you get to pick the colors and fabric, or whatever other options you have to offer.

Another example would be for an app that helps manage tasks. There are a million of these, so you would definitely need to show some uniqueness in order for people to even think about using it. Instead of the typical video displaying how easy it is to check off your to-do list and keep things organized, approach the video from the perspective of the app itself. What would the app say to the person using it? You could then create a script with the app talking to the person about itself. It’s a unique perspective that you don’t see very often at all.

Short and Memorable

People don’t have a lot of time on their hands these days. You need to make your video as short as possible in order to keep your viewers attention. The typical explainer video is about 90 seconds long, but that can be too much for some people, especially if they’re viewing a video in their Facebook feed.  

Why not pack your humor, uniqueness, and custom graphics into a 15-30 second video? You’ll definitely hold the viewer’s attention long enough for them to watch the entire video, and when people can quickly consume the content and they enjoy it, they’re much more likely to share it instantly. With more video content being shared via social media, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to produce highly targeted, shorter productions to help stand out from their competitors.

The main reason why companies even create whiteboard animated explainer videos is to attract more views and land more customers. Blazing your own trail in the sea of explainer videos can be a daunting task, but it’s necessary in order to get the results you want. These are a few quick ways to ensure that your production gets plenty of attention.

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