A Marketer’s Guide To Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are unique in that consumers get to see artwork come to life before their very eyes. They are highly effective at drawing in traffic and part of a growing trend for SMBs to use video on their websites or social media accounts. In fact, most marketers agree that using videos has helped their businesses gain more traffic and therefore more customers. Though some remain concerned about the difficulty of producing video, they realize that the benefits of video marketing far outweigh the costs. More executives and consumers prefer video to text, which shows that video is the best way to reach out to potential new partners and customers.

In a world where social media sites play video automatically as users scroll, whiteboard videos are a great way to catch a potential customer’s eye. And 92% of mobile video consumers share videos they like with others, so if you’ve caught one, then you’ve caught a whole network of others. Simple text and images don’t get shared near as often as video, most likely due to the fact that people connect with video on a much deeper level.

Appealing to people’s emotions is crucial in today’s marketing world. Whiteboard videos lure viewers in from the beginning of the animation to the finished product, drawn right before their eyes. Consumers become invested in what they see, developing a feeling of accomplishment at having watched a work of art come to life. Time-lapse videos like whiteboards keep viewers’ attentions longer than normal videos with the bait of the finished drawing.

Even massive companies like UPS have used whiteboard animations in TV ad spots. SMBs, however, are likely to benefit just as much, if not more, from these videos in gaining new customers.

Using video in your company’s marketing campaigns is a no-brainer nowadays, but using whiteboard videos will help your products or services stand out. Used keenly, they can increase brand awareness and give your company the creative edge. And keeping your brand synonymous with creative marketing will generate more buzz than a cute cat video.

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Whiteboard Video - Infographic

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