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It seems like almost every day, we hear of a police-involved shooting that has activists and local community members questioning police officers. From Ferguson to Cleveland to Chicago, police-involved shootings have become almost routine. And almost as routine has outrage over the actions of the officers, especially in cases where no footage exists of the event. But even in cases where footage is available, it’s rarely clear and unobstructed. That’s why our partners at EMAN Security developed the MagCam, which is the easiest and most reliable method to record officer-involved shootings without obstructed or misaligned camera views.

These types of shootings and their investigations lack transparency, which erodes public trust. But with EMAN Security’s MagCam, a direct view of the shooting and forensic accounting of each round fired can be provided automatically, making the investigation faster and more likely to gain the public’s trust, whether or not the officers involved are found at fault. MagCam could prove to be the future of law enforcement.

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